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Proforce Headgear

Written by Sierra Rein
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When it comes to protecting one's head in a contact sport, ProForce headgear are certainly at the top. Whether you are a professional, beginner, or growing student of a martial art or boxing style, a padded helmet is your first line of defense against mild to serious head trauma. The ProForce company understands this, and has created a wonderful line of protective headgear to prove it.

Although it seems well protected, the head and skull is nevertheless one of the most fragile parts of the body. Even a mild bruising of the brain within the skull casing can cause brain damage and memory loss. In worst-case situations, cracking the skull can lead to concussions, comas, and death!

ProForce Headgear Has Your Noggin' Covered

Most ProForce equipment is lightweight and extremely durable. One style is made of 3/4 inch foam which encloses the head in a four-sided leather helmet and an optionally attached clear face mask. Carefully designed air holes allow for a snug yet comfortable fit in addition to relieve air pressure for the ears, while an adjustable strap allows the gear to stay on the head for hours.

Another style of ProForce headgear allows the foam to wrap almost around the entire head, protecting the cheekbones and leaving the eyes, nose, and mouth areas open. A back buckle and adjustable lace-up top secures the headgear in place. You can find ProForce helmets and other gear at many martial arts and sports stores in addition to several online supply sites.

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