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Rebreakable Boards

Written by Sierra Rein
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Rebreakable boards are the newest technological advancement in martial arts training. Everyone knows the strength and mental techniques required to break wooden boards with the hand or forehead. However, it is often a drain on one's budget to constantly replace the wooden boards necessary for training.

By purchasing rebreakable boards, an individual or martial arts school can save! Most are made with nylon in the exact same size, strength, and weight of traditional wood and can be used with most typical board holders. They should arrive splinter free with curved safety edges.

More Benefits of Rebreakable Boards

No matter what level of expertise you are in your particular martial arts sport, you can train on a rebreakable board. They come in many different strength levels (color-coded in the traditional belt rank structure) and can be purchased individually or in sets. They also include a rubber palm pad that protects the hands of the holder from shock vibration.

These boards make great karate student gifts, as they provide thousands of breaks at a consistent level. If you know a student of any martial art that includes board breaking techniques, these boards are a great addition to his or her training gear. To find these and many other gifts for martial arts students, try our recommended online supply source.

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