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Rubber Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Although they are very specialized training tools, rubber knives are nonetheless essential for certain types of martial arts and police training. They allow students to learn how to handle a knife in a fighting situation without the real dangers involved with actually sharp blades. An athlete can put all his or her effort into a slash or a thrust, or confidently wrest the knife out of an attacker's hand, without worrying about drawing blood.

Rubber knives can be purchased in a variety of sizes, weights, blade shapes, and grips. If you plan on actually carrying a real knife as a protective measure (state laws allowing), the rubberized version should be chosen to mimic this one as closely as possible. That way, you will know how to work with the length of the blade and how it swings with your own body.

The Economic Choice in Purchasing Rubber Knives

Like rebreakable boards, rubberized versions of blades, swords, and knives are the perfect solution to reusable training tools. Fake knives are economical and safe and can be used against an opponent without the use of protective padding and self defense equipment. You can train thrusting and slashing techniques in addition to "disarming" maneuvers traditionally seen in police work.

Because of their aforementioned specialized nature, it is somewhat difficult to find rubber knives in walk-in martial arts and sports supply stores. It is easier to purchase these and other hard-to-find martial arts weapons on the Internet, where many online stores have set up virtual shops. You can also find a number of protective padding options as well!

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