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Self Defense

Written by Sierra Rein
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Self defense is something that, ideally, we should all be trained in. Imagine a world where everyone was trained in some sort of martial art. There would be virtually no more one-on-one crime because everyone would know that each one of us could take care of ourselves.

But, since self defense isn't taught in schools, that doesn't mean we can't take it upon ourselves to train. And there's a lot more to learning self defense techniques than just being able to protect oneself. When you learn a martial art style, you gain a tremendous amount of confidence across every facet of your life.

Self Defense Brings With It Self Confidence

It's true - when you learn to protect yourself in a difficult situation physically, you invariably feel more confident in your everyday life. Perhaps it comes from our cave-man days fighting for survival when an every day reality brought the possibility that a wild beast or a fellow caveman could whack you on the head and walk off with your food. If that caveman could learn TaeKwanDo or another style of Karate, he could take care of that random threat and he, too, would feel confident elsewhere in his life.

And you can defeat that urge by learning self defense techniques. You don't have to protect yourself against a random caveman, but you never know, these days. Too bad that caveman didn't have Martial Arts Supplies Zone!

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