Self Defense

Written by Sierra Rein
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Anyone can learn self defense, whether they are interested in building strength and flexibility or wish to truly have the skills to block an attack. A person can begin lessons even at the age of 5! There are many reasons to train in self defense techniques and many different styles of fighting to choose from.

The most popular defense classes to take focus on the many styles of martial arts. These are very formal in structure and can teach someone the art of focus, spiritualism, balance and strength. However, others decide to prepare themselves for the possibility of fighting off a rapist or mugger, armed or unarmed.

Street self defense is very different from traditional martial arts, in that it relies on the instinctual and informal understanding of the human body. Targeting delicate areas such as the eyes, foot bones, stomach, groin and neck are particularly important. Learning how to imbalance the attacker and how to kick or knock a gun or knife out of his hands is also vital to protecting yourself.

Self Defense for Kids and Women

With all the stories of kidnapping and rape in the news today, no wonder that it is a very popular idea amongst parents to enroll their children (and themselves) in a self defense class. Sales of home videos teaching self defensive tips is also on the rise. Indeed, an entire family can spend a few precious hours and learn together the most effective methods to confuse, frustrate, frighten and defend an aggressor.

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