Self Defense Classes

Written by Sierra Rein
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Self defense classes are some of the most popular athletic and mentally challenging courses for anyone to become a part of. Some people make entire careers learning and studying martial and defensive arts, competing in competitions and teaching other students how to use the mind-body connection effectively against an opponent. Others take a real-life approach to the subject and learn how to defend themselves in case of a truly dangerous, life-threatening event.

Most self defense classes that deal with the latter issue do so knowing that most people will never have the unfortunate chance to fight off a rapist, mugger or kidnapper. However, because the risk of an encounter is possible, many people truly enjoy having the knowledge of self defense at their fingertips. Simply understanding how to physically get out of a tricky or difficult situation, and how to do so under extreme duress, can help a person's self confidence and poise.

That said, the best street fighting self defense classes are built upon the tenet that it is better to quickly get out of a fight and run for help than stay in one until someone is either beaten into submission or beaten to death. Instructors know that most fights depend on the first 15 seconds of the attack. Therefore, if one can be taught the most essential blocking and stopping moves, a person is more likely to get away from the aggressor quickly and be able to call for help.

Who Should Take Self Defense Classes?

The answer is anyone who can not say for certain that they know how to perform stop hits, roll out of headlocks and a variety of incapacitating moves. Whether an individual is a man, woman, child, teenager or grandfather and whether or not he lives in a seemingly "dangerous" area of town or not, there is always the risk of finding himself in a physical challenge. Taking a series of self defense classes, either in a school or at home using a home video course, will increase one's chances of coming out of a fight unharmed

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