Self Defense Moves

Written by Sierra Rein
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There is truly no excuse not to know at least a few self defense moves in case of a physical attack. Simply knowing how to seize any opportunity to go in for a debilitating blow is one of the best preventative plans against a rape or violent theft. It does not take weeks and weeks of training to learn these moves, and the easiest moves can often be the most effective.

The standard strike points of the body to attack in self defense moves are the eyes, nose, throat (Adam's apple on a male), groin, solar plexus and knees. These points are not covered in any protective layer of fat or muscle, and are traditionally places where people respond to pain the most. You can use your knees, palm, fingers, elbows to hit these areas to bring down an opponent quickly.

Beyond Physical Self Defense Moves

Self defense is not just a question of where to execute blows and utilizing physical strength. It also demands intelligence and a mental focus to connect the emotional and survival instincts commonly felt during a dangerous conflict. Merely knowing how to imbalance someone and rendering them helpless will give you the upper edge and raise confidence in any situation.

In addition to self defense moves, there are a lot of other layers of understanding that must be taken into account. Utilizing common sense and diplomacy are two intellectual skills that will come in handy to avoid street and bar fights. By keeping a lookout for any tactical and strategic advantages, you will also be aware of your surroundings and take the quickest and most efficient route to safety you can.

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