Self Defense Moves For Women

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many strategies of self defense moves for women. In general, these have no physical difference from moves that can are used by men in street fights. However, women are more likely to be attacked and raped than men, therefore rendering the issues of female self defense all the more important.

The first defense against a potential attacker is to look him straight in the eye and take a strong, aggressive stance. Most rapists and kidnappers will stop the attack if they realize that the woman looks capable of fighting back or if they look at him long enough to pick him out in a line up. Carrying pepper spray, and making this tool visible to the aggressor, will also be an extreme deterrent for violence.

If, however, a woman is caught unawares, there are several self defense moves for women that focus on causing the attacker instant pain and frustration. These include intense pinches to sensitive areas of the underarms, inner thighs and inside the crooks of the elbows. If this does not instantly throw the opponent off her, she can resort to palm hits, knee thrusts, bites, scratches and attempts to throw him off balance.

The Target of Self Defense Moves For Women

Unfortunately, women are more likely to be attacked by someone she knows than a complete stranger. Oftentimes, they feel helpless to attack someone they love, like a husband, father or boyfriend, even if he is physically abusive. However, after careful training in self defense self defense moves for women, most females realize that they have the power to break the chain of abuse and keep themselves from harm.

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