Self Defense Tactics

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are literally hundreds of different self defense tactics to draw from in an emergency. Many tactics are based on martial arts forms learned through centuries of experience. Others arise out of the natural survival instinct found in most humans when faced with a fight or flight scenario.

The safest of all self defense tactics is perhaps the easiest: finding the best moment to run away and call for emergency help from police and other humans nearby. However, not everyone who is attacked has this option immediately. It takes the ability to block the attacker's strikes and to put in a few blows of your own to get away from a particularly aggressive opponent.

Knowing the sensitive areas of the body will inform which self defense tactics to employ first. If you are within reach of the eyes, underarms, throat or groin, hit these at the first sign of danger. An attacker, after receiving a blow to one of these spots, will be less likely to continue the fight.

Self Defense Tactics When Escape and Spot Hits Don't Work

If the above tactics either are not available or do not work on your opponent, try tiring him out. Duck and bob, weave and bounce, and do anything to cause him confusion and frustration. The more he misses, the less enthusiastic he will be about getting you pinned down and winning the fight.

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