Self Defense Techniques

Written by Sierra Rein
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True self defense techniques are, unfortunately, not learned in traditional martial arts classes. While most dojos teach formal blocks, punches and kicks, not all of these moves can be utilized by someone in a street fighting situation. Plus, a martial arts student will often train with someone his or her relative strength and size; the same is not promised in a real-life brawl.

Most self defense techniques operate through moves that will block the 30 most widely used street attacks, with variations on each one. These can be learned in just a week or so and should help one learn instinct and quick reflex time. Proper understanding of how to disarm an opponent of a deadly weapon, block his attack and then hit his vital spots fast and effectively are all the major components of proper self defense.

Remembering Self Defense Techniques in an Adrenaline Rush

The body responds to stress and danger in a very extreme manner. The brain tells the adrenal glands to pump the system with adrenaline, causing a heightened survival instinct, strength and endurance to kick in. However, sometimes this can cause someone to not think properly under duress and execute faulty self defense techniques in desperation.

It is vitally important that one learn how to be prepared for this adrenaline rush and how to use, not fight back, it's effects. Of course, knowing how to verbally avoid attacks and fights in the first place is a great technique of self protection. However, understanding one's body and how to work with it in a serious situation will allow for a higher rate of success.

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