Self Defense Tips

Written by Sierra Rein
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Here are a few self defense tips to hold you until you find a good school or home video collection to teach you a full spectrum of defensive moves. These are not guaranteed to work in the event of a full on attack, but they will raise the probability of surviving one relatively unharmed. These tips are based around common mistakes that people have made in the past as well as common successes.

First of all, if one is talking about a one-on-one encounter with a stranger who has no preconceived plans of attack, chances are the fight is only going to last 15 seconds, tops. Your options here are to try and use verbal self defense tips to talk him out of it or to use a "stop hit" that will cause him enough pain to think twice about continuing in the fight. These moves are effective if someone is in a fit of anger, drunk at a bar or simply has problems dealing with things and is looking for a random person to fight with.

However, if one comes into contact with an actual criminal, someone who is looking to either hurt you for money, a chance to kidnap you or are choosing you for a possible rape victim, the stakes are heightened tenfold. Above all else, never fight with someone who has a weapon over something like a purse or jewelry - these are meaningless objects compared to your life. Also, the chances of survival diminish greatly if the assailant gets you in his car or trunk, so fight all you can and use every single one of the self defense tips you know to avoid this.

On the Search for More Self Defense Tips?

There are dozens of organizations across the nation who deal with education regarding self defense and other preventative moves in a fight. Many of them offer schools that will teach one-on-one fighting techniques. You can also find an incredible array of great videos and DVD's that detail each of the many self defense tips, allowing you to learn in the safety and comfort of your own home.

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