Self Defense Training

Written by Sierra Rein
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Self defense training is more than just learning how to block punches and kicks. It requires the student to understand himself as a fighting machine, capable of unleashing primitive survival instincts buried beneath his civilized exterior. This is not to say that defense training brings out the worst in us for no reason - it only allows us to tap into the strengths within us during times of danger and duress.

Most people believe that they will never be attacked by a rapist, mugger or drunken bar patron. However, we hear the news and personal stories of others time and time again. For many people, having the right self defense training and experience under their belts creates peace of mind and a higher awareness of their own body's potential.

Taking a self defense course or learning from a well-shot video can be particularly awarding for the meek wall flowers of the world. Those unsure of their physical strengths can learn proper balance, flexibility and the physics of using weight and applied pressure to take down someone twice their own size. Others who panic during fights and other signs of danger can become aware of the rush of adrenaline and learn how to focus through it, not fight against it.

Sources of Self Defense Training

Some people decide to go to local dojos (training halls) to learn street fighting defense techniques. However, not every city or small town has one within regular driving distance. For those who are unable to travel long distances for weekly studies, a home video course of a few volumes will teach you how to effectively defend yourself against even the most vicious of opponents.

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