Self Defense Video Courses

Written by Sierra Rein
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Self defense video courses are the perfect solution for anyone interested in learning how to block and escape the aggressions of any violent attacker. Video and DVD courses can be purchased through many different book and videotape stores. They can also be found through online shopping sources design around self defense supplies.

The people most likely to purchase self defense video courses are those who live in relatively dangerous areas, who walk to work or individuals who are employed at hazardous, personal situations. They can include bank employees, bartenders, waitresses, security workers, late-night cleaning employees and performers who get out of a show late at night. Women are particularly susceptible to attacks, as are children and young adults who may be targets for kidnapping attempts.

Shopping for Self Defense Video Courses

When choosing between all the options out there, make sure that the videos you are looking at are meant for personal training at home. The best DVD's and home teaching videos can teach you proper self defense in a few weeks or less. Some are made of one video detailing the basic defensive moves one would need to know, while others go into more detail and can teach advanced techniques in several volumes.

If a video arrives to your home that is not as insightful or effective as you originally wanted, you should be able to send it back within 30 to 90 days. Most online shopping companies who provide self defense video courses also guarantee satisfaction or your money back. If you have any concerns about your safety walking home, purchasing a few volumes of self defense videos will increase your confidence and assure you that you have a fighting chance next time you travel down the avenue.

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