Self Defense Videos

Written by Sierra Rein
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Anyone who is interested in learning how to defend themselves during a street fight or personal attack can do so through self defense videos. Just like a workout tape or martial arts instructional DVD, a defensive video can be watched in the comfort of one's own home and analyzed at any time of the day. Through careful study and gradual adherence to the lessons taught in each of the levels, one can become efficient and knowledgeable about how to block any punch or kick thrown.

There are many different types of self defense videos. The most popular are martial arts videos that teach relatively traditional kicks, throws and arm hits. However, these may not be as effective as the videos that concentrate on real-life situations and how to deal with someone who is violent and unable to follow any rules.

The best self defense videos allow for quick learning and extremely effective, no matter what body type, height or strength the at-home student is. The author should show how to apply the moves and blocks in real life situations and be sure that the student can recall simple techniques while
pumped with adrenaline. Some simple videos are one volume, while others are extensive and can reach two or three.

Shopping for Self Defense Videos

When choosing a video or DVD course for the home or workplace, make sure you look into any reviews and viewer comments. If the video seems too formal or looks like it is better made for traditional martial arts workouts, try and search again. If you are having trouble finding videos at your local bookstore, there are many online companies who sell their products with 100% guarantees.

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