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Self Defense Weapons

Written by Sierra Rein
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A great way of "rehearsing" the possible attack of someone with a knife or club is to purchase, in advance, self defense weapons. These can help any martial arts student simulate an armed attack and give the student the self-confidence to protect themselves if such a danger were to come about. A rubberized knife or a softened pair of nunchaku can recreate the situation of an attack without creating the same level of danger to the training student.

You can find these practice self defense weapons, as well as other martial arts supplies, in many Internet stores across the World Wide Web. They should be chosen with care as to be safe for the student to use, and easy for the "attacker" to wield as well. Your martial arts teacher can certainly have a say on this matter.

Professional Self Defense Weapons That Can Cause Harm

Many professionals also purchase real, sharp, and deadly weapons for their practice. These can include an Aikido bladed staff or a pair of heavily weighed nunchaku. However, these self defense weapons should be bought under supervision for the first time, if you are still learning the art, and must not be bought through reckless desires.

Whether you are a beginner who needs a rubber knife to practice with, or a seasoned professional who desires to add the full realism of a weapon to their skills, self defense weapons can certainly be a great addition to any martial arts supply kit. Make sure that if you use them that they are in a safe and secure space, under lock and key, especially when traveling. For more information on these and other martial arts equipment, please contact us or visit our featured supply site for more options!

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