Self Defense For Women

Written by Sierra Rein
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Any woman should be concerned about her own safety, which is why self defense for women is such an important topic. Studies show that 90,187 rapes occur in every span of six minutes. Unfortunately, many women do not know how to defend themselves against a larger attacker, nor how to escape the clutches of a rapist.

Avoiding any attack is the first way for a woman to defend herself. Because many attacks on females are performed at home by domestic partners, friends or dates, it is up to the woman to recognize danger signs and leave the area if they feel threatened. Such signs include aggressive language and threats, controlling behavior and eventually small slaps, punches and kicks.

Understanding some important "stop hits" is the next lesson of self defense for women. Some of these include palm jabs to the nose and throat, kicks to the groin (causing him to double over and begin involuntary vomiting), and then running away. If the female is caught in a headlock, stepping in front of the attacker, tripping him and throwing him to the ground can be particularly effective.

Learning Self Defense For Women at Home

The sad fact is that, while 25% of girls living today will be sexually attacked by the time they reach the age of 18, most women do not take the time to learn how to defend themselves in an attack (sexual or otherwise). Many smart women prepare themselves by watching and training through home videos on self defense for women. Mothers may also involve their children and other family members so that everyone is prepared for any dangerous situation.

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