Self Protection

Written by Sierra Rein
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Self protection is one of the most primitive instincts known to humankind. When danger emerges, the "fight or flight" sequence reveals itself even in the most cultured and "civilized" beings. The unfortunate fact is that everyone living on Earth today can be attacked by another human being, whether it be for money, sexual deviancy, kidnapping purposes, anger, or while in a drunken fit.

Luckily, it is easy to train yourself how to react effectively during an aggressive attack and to hone your already natural survival instincts. A week long class or video teaching guide can give you the self protection skills necessary to survive even the most brutal attack. As long as it teaches you how to block the most common attack moves and how to keep your cool during an adrenaline rush, you'll be on your way to learning how to fight in a real-life situation.

The people most likely to need to know at least one form of self protection are women, bar owners and servants, security officials, policemen, children and anyone else who feels as though they live or work in a dangerous environment. Those who work late nights and have to walk home should always be prepared with defensive moves and be aware of their surroundings in addition to all escape routes and police stops along the way. Finally, keep a properly charged and working cell phone in an easily reachable pocket for emergencies.

Self Protection Means Self Preservation

Not every street fight has to end by you beating up the other guy. All you need to know is how to disarm him and incapacitate him with a few blows before running to call for help and getting yourself out of harm's way. Never feel as though you need to be a hero in these kinds of dangerous situations, and always understand that most times there will be someone out there who can come to your aid as well.

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