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Sparring Gear

Written by Sierra Rein
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One of the basic ways to practice martial arts, once you've been training for a time, is by taking part in a sparring match or do what is called "sparring". This is basically where you fight almost for real. Sometimes you may spar without actually touching your opponent, while, with certain protective equipment, your punches and kicks can connect with them.

To do this, you need, of course, sparring gear. Sparring gear can protect any part of you, depending on the level at which you'll be sparring or at the level at which you want to protect yourself. It can include anything from the gloves you wear when kick boxing, to head gear you might use in TaeKwonDo, to elbow pads and beyond.

Sparring Gear Can Protect All Of You

If you are just doing some light sparring, minimal pads might be necessary. Perhaps some head gear, or padded gloves. After you train for a good amount of time, you may eventually be ready to do some heavy sparring and essentially fight with your sparring partner full tilt.

To do this, you'll likely need full, head-to-toe sparring gear that covers almost every inch of the front of your body. This can be expensive, but is worth it if you're really serious about keeping yourself safe. The best thing to do before sparring is discuss your skill level with your instructor. He or she is best qualified to judge how much padding you'll need.

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