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Splitflex Stretching Machine

Written by Sierra Rein
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The SplitFlex stretching machine has become a very popular piece of athletic and martial art equipment. It has been used by professional gymnasts, martial artists, and cheerleaders before, during, and after exercise to increase and maintain flexibility. It allows for an individual to maintain a sitting straddle position of up to 180 degrees under complete control.

An athlete, no matter what his sport, benefits greatly by maintaining flexibility and strength. Athletic performance is enhanced by being able to jump, kick, and run with free movement of the legs and arms, and injuries are less likely to happen. After a hard day's workout, stretching machines can also help reduce the pain associated with aching muscles and sore legs and prevent future pain from reoccurring.

Details of the SplitFlex Stretching Machine

The SplitFlex stretching machine is lightweight (only 2 1/2 lbs) and can be carried easily in a sports bag or during travel. It is made of aircraft aluminum and is 100% washable. A person should be able to sit upon a central padded section and place his or her legs into two other areas.

By gradually increasing a few manual adjustments, the inner thigh muscles (adductors) is also increased. The machine is designed to not put any pressure onto the knee joints. Make sure you talk to a gym instructor, martial arts teacher, or physical therapist to discuss a recommendation on how far to push yourself or for how long you should hold the stretch position.

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