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Square Hand Targets

Written by Sierra Rein
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Whether you are learning kung fu, tae kwon do, boxing, or any other martial art, square hand targets are indispensable for training. Meant to be handled by a fellow student or coach, these durable yet shock-absorbent pads take as much force as anyone can muster. They are great for eye-hand-or-foot coordination and can teach a martial art student how to aim kicks, punches, and jabs properly.

Part of the challenge to any fighting sport or art is to be focused, fast, and to have great aim. Square hand targets allow the coach to change the positions of the targets, forcing the student to act quickly yet accurately and kick or punch the target as fast and as powerfully as he or she can. It is recommended to purchase these squares from professional martial arts supply sources to ensure that the training tool be of the highest durability and quality.

How Square Hand Targets are Constructed

The training coach can hold a hand target in many ways, depending on the force and purpose of the punch or kick in question. He can hold it with two hands for tougher, more powerful kick, or grasp a back strap with one hand for quick jabs and moves. Either way, his hands are protected from the force of the blows.

Most hand targets are made of a super-tough nylon shell filled with a 1 inch to 3 inch layer of foam. Back straps connected to PVC piping allow for a slip-free grip while a finger loop adds extra security. You can purchase these and other martial arts gear at a number of sports stores and online supply sources.

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