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Steel Kamas

Written by Sierra Rein
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Steel Kamas are otherwise known as sickles and are built out of wooden shafts with a curved metal blade at the top. They are traditionally used in pairs as agricultural tools, but are used by martial artists to be used in display competitions and tournaments. They utilize the Kamas in sweeping, cutting, and slashing choreographed movements, and may add a rope or leather cord attached to the bottom of the handle for some unique swinging moves.

If one is picking up a pair of Kamas for the first time, it is better to practice with wood Kamas, as the steel ones are very dangerous and may cause serious harm. However, after serious study a true expert can swing steel Kamas with ease and complete understanding of the weight and difficulties involved. He will also know how to use the shaft and handle to block movements and execute a beautiful double swinging propeller move that baffles the opponent before hurting him.

Finding Training and Display Steel Kamas

There are several manufacturers of martial arts weapons who create several different models of Kamas, depending on their ultimate use. A few concentrate on display weapons which are only meant as decorative touches in a martial arts school, office, or living room. Because these are built to be pretty to look at, they are often more expensive and not built for training or actual combat.

Instead, training and tournament Kamas are made that are less fancy but structurally built for serious swings, hits and blows. They can be used bluntly on a punching bag and can train a student to move and balance with a more realistic weight in his or her hands. These and many other weapons can be purchase at a number of martial arts stores and websites.

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