Street Fighting

Written by Sierra Rein
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The average citizen walking down the avenue would never wish to find himself in the middle of a street fighting experience. While street fights have been around since the dawn of mankind, most people do not know how to react or defend themselves if caught by a violent attacker in a dark alley way. Luckily for us, video games depicting street gang fights are the closest any of us will truly come to knowing what a hand to hand combat is truly like.

However, there is still the possibility for an individual to find herself in the middle of a possible theft, rape or even murder. Of course, no one should become involved in a fight over a purse, car or any other belonging. Unless your life or the life of a child, family member or friend is in danger, you should concentrate on fleeing and not staying to fight.

There are many schools of street fighting techniques, most of which are centered upon 30 basic movements. The facts are that about 50 percent of those who decide to continue a fight lose, while most fights last only about 15 seconds. Most street fighting moves are thus made to quickly block and stop the forward thrust of an attacker just enough to allow for a hasty retreat and a call for help.

Take a No Nonsense Street Fighting Attitude

It is tempting, especially in the adrenaline rush of danger, to suddenly begin to think of yourself as the star in a martial arts movie. It is imperative that you keep a level head about yourself and know how not to allow an overt ego to take hold of your intelligence and reason. Acting upon impulse can get you out of a tight situation, but it can lead to bad moves, injuries and even death.

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