Street Fights

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most street fights, bar fights and road rage incidents take about five to fifteen seconds, tops. These are not the five to ten minute brawls glamorized by Hollywood. The winner is the person who can land a strong and focused first punch, humiliating and painfully silencing the opponent into submission.

Sometimes street fights are set up beforehand amongst gang members and fight clubs. However, most civilians will never have the opportunity to become a part of one. They are illegal in most states and can lead to serious injuries and lifelong repercussions.

If you find yourself about to enter into a street fight, whether through an argument at a bar or while in the middle of a mugging, there are several techniques to use. Being able to use verbal skills to prevent an assault (especially from a drunk who may not mean what he says) is particularly useful. Being instantly able to perform a "stop hit", such as a hand blow to the throat, will end the fight early and without too much harm to either party.

How to Survive Serious Street Fights

If you need to know how to truly defend yourself in long street fights with no escape, the techniques of blocking, getting out of clinches and holds, and how to judge strength and distance are vital for survival. How to fight an armed attacker and how to avoid falling into sucker punches are two other fantastic skills to know. Finally, if in the middle of a group fight, understanding moves that handle both forward and rear defense lines can protect you against multiple opponents.

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