Street Self Defense

Written by Sierra Rein
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For many people, knowing the right street self defense moves means knowing that one can truly fend off an attacker at any time. After all, not everyone can say for sure that they will never be attacked in their lifetime. With all the opportunities for people to be attacked on the street, at a stranger's party or on dates, it is a shame that more people do not know how to successfully defend themselves.

The understanding of the human body and its most vulnerable points is just a small part of defense training. There are also several emotional and adrenal-pumping physical aspects of using street self defense techniques. The body responds to instant fear and aggression, and without recognizing this response in oneself, the right move will often be overlooked in a panic.

When Regular Martial Moves Don't Live Up to True Street Self Defense

Some people believe that, using the techniques learned in martial arts classes, they are ready to defend themselves against anyone. However, many of these people who have actually experienced a street fight discover that their martial arts styles do not cover all of the unexpected and unstructured attack moves. Not every martial arts move can be utilized for any aggressive strike or lock.

Plus, not everyone has the time to master a traditional self defensive art like Karate or Tae Kwon Do. Street self defense can be easy to learn and can encompass a number of different styles to get the job done. From blocking punches to incapacitating the aggressor, it takes a clean mind and direct thinking to make sure you are not hurt or even killed in the intrusion.

There are many schools that provide training in self defense. However, not everyone lives near this kind of school. Because rapists, thieves and street thugs can be found in any city, this is not a great learning option for everyone.

Learning Street Self Defense at Home

Luckily, street self defense can be learned at home through a simple home video course. This defensive study option is great if one does not have the regular time to learn in a school but can in the comfort of one's own living room. Because most common street attacks can be narrowed down to a basic 30 moves, all one needs to know is how to block and react against these moves to be truly street smart.

Any parent who has a young child or growing teenaged girl understands the many fears of kidnapping and possible physical or sexual assault against their precious "baby." Teaching the members of one's family the ability to defend themselves on the school yard or on the street is an invaluable opportunity that will provide much-needed assurance. Knowing how to kick an attacker, punch them out and properly executing other street self defense moves will also help to raise confidence and strength in the child.

Women are always particularly wary of their security. But when mace and sharp keys fail them, they often feel helpless against an assailant. Learning proper street self defense will allow them to enjoy their night out on the town, on a date or alone at home.

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