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Taekwondo Equipment

Written by Sierra Rein
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TaeKwonDo equipment includes everything from pads to head gear, to kicking paddles and more. As with most martial arts styles, while practicing TaeKwonDo, it can be a good idea to train with padding and certainly to spar with padding. This can mean wearing padded gloves, shin guards, arm guards and head gear as well. The idea is to keep yourself relatively safe.

But TaeKwonDo equipment can also mean items that help you train, without being something you wear. These include punching bags or body opponent bags. The right equipment for you depends on the level at which you are training. Of course, as with everything in martial arts, the best judge of what equipment you should be using is your instructor.

TaeKwonDo Equipment Can Be Your Best Friend

This specially applies when it comes to safety. The idea of padding is to protect you, so obviously, it's always a good idea to wear it. Sure, you may feel confident enough to go without it, but hey, it can't hurt and going without it, might hurt!

Make sure to always do your research. Only buy TaeKwonDo equipment that you know is high in quality. Talk to your instructor or friends who practice with you - see what others say is a good brand or type of equipment to use. And over all, be safe.

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