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Tai Chi Instruction

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are interested in learning Tai Chi Chuan, the best thing to do is to find a source for Tai Chi instruction. Because of the very nature of the art, it is impossible to learn all you can from a video or book. A competent teacher will help you one-on-one to learn the intricacies of each movement, posture, and form, and give you a better idea of what the spiritual side of Tai Chi truly is.

A book or video may be able to teach you the basic forms and overall postures. However, you will probably only be able to crudely copy them and approximate the right form. They are good beginning lessons to learn before going to a teacher, but should not constitute the whole of a student's training.

A Tai Chi Instruction Teacher And You

The best Tai Chi instructors should teach you the proper breathing and visualization to consider, in addition to form and function of each of the movements and poses. The physical aspects of the art of Tai Chi self defense must also be taught in conjunction with the philosophical tenants of the art. Questions can be then asked, with the teacher being immediately there to answer, discuss and clarify any points a student may raise.

It is not unusual for the teacher and student to learn from each other. While the teacher may be able to provide detailed Tai Chi instruction (such as the many hidden or "secret" moves between each of the "set" moves), the student teaches the teacher on how to communicate better, grow in master strength, and why their craft is so special. If you have any more questions regarding Tai Chi instruction, feel free to contact us!

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