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Tamexx Ems Units

Written by Sierra Rein
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Tamexx EMS units are the answer to many martial artist's prayers. Whether they are seeking help with muscle toning or are looking to relax them after a hard workout, the Tamexx name is well known to solve many problems. If you are unfamiliar with what an EMS unit can do, read on.

"EMS" or "tens unit" are both short terms for an "Electric Muscle Stimulator." Electrified pads are adhered to specific muscles of the body and give a stimulating shock to contract them. They are made to either shorten workout sessions in athletes or give much-needed relief to people with injuries, pinched nerves, and muscular disorders.

Newer Tamexx EMS Units are Now in Demand!

The most up to date consumer and professional Tamexx units are the 3008 and 4008 models. The 4008 model EMS unit uses digital technology and includes four programmed cycles including "strength training," "toning and firming," "building muscles," and "T.E.N.S." The T.E.N.S program is made specifically for chronic pain and is a great massaging technique for sore or over-stressed muscles.

Many professional chiropractors, athletic physical therapists, and doctors use Tamexx EMS units. However, they are out there now for sale to the average consumer. They make great gifts for martial arts students and can benefit any self defense athlete eager to improve tone, strength, and freedom from pain.

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