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Tens Unit

Written by Sierra Rein
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As we grow, our bodies are continually shifting, gaining strength, or losing it. Many people complain of the small back and leg aches, among other body pains, that consistently remove any joy from moving. This is where the miracles of technology can come in and make these ailments feel better.

The most recent application of technology in the field of managing pain occurred 25 years ago with the introduction of the TENS unit. TENS (or Transuctaneous Electronic Neuro Stimulator) refers to the ability of small electrical pulses to stimulate the small nerves beneath the skin. Once stimulated, these nerves release their own endorphins, or natural painkillers, and sometimes the electrical stimulation blocks the paths that the pain signals travel on; either way, your pain is reduced!

Who Can Use A TENS Unit?

Tens units are great for the elderly and athletes who may want to apply special care to their bodies, as well as people who have chronic body pain due to a former injury or disease. Because their bodies are still growing, children under the age of 15 should never be hooked up to a TENS unit. However, like stretching machines, TENS units can be a great addition to any athlete's martial arts gear.

The purchase of a TENS unit requires a doctor's prescription, so talk to your doctor about how it may help you. Never give the TENS unit to another person who has not been cleared by a doctor for its use! In closing, for non-addictive, portable and cost-effective pain relief, a TENS unit may be the best option for you!

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