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Tms Ems Units

Written by Sierra Rein
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TMS EMS units, made by the Tamexx company, is a series of electronic muscle stimulators for athletes, chiropractors, and martial artists. There are three well-designed models, the TMS12, TMS16, and TMS20, named after the specific amount of TMS electronic pads available for use. The TMS12 has 12 pads, the TMS has 16, and so on.

Tamexx EMS units are incredibly useful for anyone eager to tone, massage, and relax most of the muscles in the body. The TMS units have a number of different channels, depending on the model, which allow you to alternate current through the pads into varying muscle groups. You can cut your workout time in half or use the "taps" setting to reduce painful back aches.

How to Use TMS EMS Units, and Who Benefits From Them

There are two main frequency switches on these machines to choose from, E.M.S. and T.E.N.S. The EMS frequency is great for healthy athletes who wish to stimulate, tone and contract muscles as if they were lifting weights. The TENS frequency is a basic tapping mode that relaxes the muscle if it is tightly wound around a nerve or bone.

Thus, TMS EMS units (tens unit) are good for people who wish to enhance their current workout regimen and those interested in finding much-needed relief from aches and pains. They can be placed on tight shoulder muscles, tired feet, and pinched nerve areas. These units are cheaper to buy than multiple visits to the chiropractor and come in easy to carry cases for use on vacations or business trips.

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