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Written by Sierra Rein
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Tokaido is the name of one of the best brands of karate uniforms in the world. Founded in Japan in 1958, Tokaido is the most respected name in karate uniform production. Owning a Tokaido uniform is like owning a Sony or a Mercedes. They specialize in uniforms, patches and belts but also manufacture sweatsuits and windbreakers.

Tokaido also offers custom embroidery - they can translate your name into katakana (Japanese characters) and then sew it onto your uniform or belt. They can also use the standard western alphabet if you prefer. Either way, it's a wonderful way to set yourself apart and generally just look cool.

Tokaido: The Best For A Reason

Their uniforms are made of 100% cotton canvas that allows both their tournament and standard uniforms to stand up to rigorous use. According to the Japan Cotton-Spinning Inspection Association, Tokaido uniforms have nearly twice the strength and tear resistance as the canvas predominantly used by other manufacturers. That's why they call it "Ultimate Canvas".

Tokaido is based in Japan, but exports all around the world. This is another reason Tokaido has become the best known and most trusted name in karate uniform production. Their uniforms are the standard all others are compared to.

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