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Turtle Headgear

Written by Sierra Rein
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One of the most important moves for a martial artist to perform is to purchase turtle headgear. By this, we mean a curved foam helmet which is worn by a self defense student in addition to regular sparring gear. Sometimes the headgear covers the top and sides of the head, while others (such as Muay Thai headgear) protects the forehead, cheekbones, and chin as well.

A turtle's shell is one of the best natural defensive mechanisms known. In fact, an arched curve is the strongest geometric shapes, period. Any blow is absorbed quickly down the sides of the curve, keeping the majority of the energy away from making any dangerous harm. This is why many cars, such as the Volkswagon Beetle, is considered one of the safest vehicles today.

Well-Known Types of Turtle Headgear

There are a number of different companies that manufacture headgear, including some very popular names. One can find Adidas foam dipped headgear at a number of different martial arts supplies sources. ProForce and MTI headgear are also popular and recognized names as well.

A good idea to find the right size is to measure around the circumference of the head. Most turtle headgear come with adjustable straps to allow for a comfortable and safe fit. If the gear is too tight or too loose, a self defense student could experience headaches, impaired front and peripheral vision, and possible injury if hit.

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