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What Is A Ten Unit?

Written by Sierra Rein
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For years, chiropractors kept a special secret in their service for people with back pain, pinched nerves, and sore muscles. Patients came home with stories of electric pulses being sent through their body, relaxing nerves and ceasing pain. The term "Ten Unit" was thrown around, and finally people began asking, "What is a Ten Unit?"

Now the word and the practice are out in the public. A Ten unit, or "Transuctaneous Electronic Neuro" stimulator, is now a type of painkilling technology that can be purchased by anyone provided they have a proper doctor's prescription. Transuctaneous means "moving under the skin," while "neuro" takes it's meaning from the word "nerve."

Headline News: "What Is A Ten Unit?" Finally Solved!

The answer behind the question of "What is a Ten Unit?" is simpler than it seems. Small electronic pulses emanate from these small packs through a wire into an electric pad, which is then placed on the specific body area that feels pain. This Electronic Muscle Stimulation (or EMS) stops the pain from traveling to the brain and helps the body create endorphins…and thus, you don't feel it!

For a martial artist who has an injury or is feeling pain, a Tens Unit may be as important as purchasing good martial arts equipment. If someone asks you "What is a Ten Unit?" who you think could benefit from the use of one, please forward him or her to this website. And if you have any questions about purchasing a Ten Unit, ask your doctor for more information, or contact us!

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