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Wobenzym N

Written by Sierra Rein
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Since 1959, Wobenzym N have been found in martial arts supply stores and health stores as an enhancing enzyme supplement. Dr. Max Wolf of Germany wrote in his 1974 book on enzymes that taking this type of supplemental treatment was 70% successful against cancer. These enzymes help the body to rid itself of harmful impurities and allow the immune system to function at full capacity.

If you feel groggy or experience a lot of colds during the year, there may be an imbalance within your body. Taking Wobenzym N daily along with your regular vitamin supplementation is a good idea. Because each pill is coated "enterically," it is protected from the gastric acid in the stomach and is absorbed instead by the small intestine, allowing the enzymes to directly enter the blood stream.

Wobenzym N As a Preventative Supplement

An athlete experiences a lot of aches and pains during his or her training sessions. However, a lot more pain can be experienced through injuries experienced through mistakes and mental relapses. Taking an enzyme supplement like Wobenzym N improves circulation to the muscles, nerves, and brain, allowing for faster synaptic responses and quicker healing times.

It is recommended that you take three tablets twice daily and works best when swallowed 45 minutes before mealtime. Check with your health care professional to discuss other dose possibilities. It can be purchased through a number of health and martial arts stores in addition to many online martial arts supplies sites.

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