Women Self Defense Techniques

Written by Sierra Rein
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Women self defense techniques are quite specific and specialized from other forms of martial arts and street fighting moves. A woman needs to block and strike a male attacker or rapist in only a few short moves. When fighting against a man who is taller, stronger and more aggressive, a woman's second chances of winning are, unfortunately, low.

Whether a female is a teenager or 100 years old, there is always the possibility of rape or violence. Women self defense techniques should consider mental training in addition to the physical moves necessary to block an attack. Learning how to work through the psychological stresses of a fight and escape unharmed are the two most important elements of female self defense.

Observation of the attacker and keeping a keen awareness of one's surroundings is also incredibly important for women self defense techniques. Recognizing if the opponent is drunk, armed or psychotic will inform a woman's defensive moves, as well as how to use objects in the environment as weapons. Knowing and instantly seeking chances to hit the attacker in sensitive areas will increase his frustration and confusion and can give the woman a chance to run away to safety.

How to Learn Women Self Defense Techniques

Some local schools and training halls are great resources to quickly learn the most effective self defense moves for women. However, if one does not live relatively near one of these training facilities, self defense videos are a great option. Some women even take the time to learn with their entire family to make sure everyone knows how to defend themselves in a fight.

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