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Wood Kamas

Written by Sierra Rein
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Wood Kamas are great training tools to learn how to become an expert in weapon practice, especially if one is learning to compete in tournaments and competitions. They are lighter than steel Kamas and will allow for easier movement in the wrists. As a student's arm and wrist strength increases and develops, there may come a time to graduate to these difficult and heavier steel cousins.

For those who do not know their origin, Kamas started as agricultural hand sickles which then became weapons in 1314. It was at this time that warriors and farmers took up these iron tools and to overthrow the oppressive reign of Japanese King Tamagusuku. Since then, the Kama has become a part of many different martial arts, including those found on mainland China and Korea.

The Design of Wood Kamas

Wood Kamas are made in the same traditional way as their functional ancestors. A short handle (usually 7 inches to a foot in length) holds a curved wooden blade set at 90 degrees. While some Kamas can be fixed to bos (or staffs), most students prefer to hold two at a time, one in each hand.

Before purchasing these self defense weapons for yourself or your learning martial arts student, make sure the Kamas are made of a sturdy wood that is not going to splinter or crack easily. Most manufacturers will coat the wood with a good layer of lacquer. Finally, never put these slashing and jabbing weapons into the hands of anyone too young to understand their deadly potential.

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