Atn Night Cougar Goggles

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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ATN Night Cougar goggles are an excellent, Generation 1 night vision device. ATN, which stands for American Technologies Network Corporation, is one of the most trusted names in night vision goggles and other night vision equipment. ATN Night Cougar goggles are affordable, deliver excellent resolution, and work well in nearly every situation.

ATN Night Cougar Goggles and Pitch Darkness

ATN NIght Cougar goggles work beautifully with very little light. Just a little starlight or moonlight is enough to deliver a clear picture, with decent recognition and detection range. But can they work in a "pitch black" situation? What if you have absolutely no available light at all?

In situations like these, the Cougars come to the rescue with their ingenious addition of an infrared light. Infrared light may not be visible to the human eye, but it provides enough light for the goggles to work. A small, infrared light comes attached to every single pair of Cougars, for just such an emergency.

The technology behind these goggles is simple and brilliant. Available, ambient light comes in through the lenses. It is then focused into two image intensifier tubes, where it is chemically and electronically altered. The photons are turned into electrons, and the electrons are multiplied in number, then hurled against a phosphorus screen. The eye pieces are trained onto this screen, where a green image of the surroundings is now visible.

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