Atn Nightstorm Floatable Scope

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The ATN NightStorm Floatable Scope is one of the coolest night vision scopes that has ever been created. Not only does the ATN NightStorm Floatable Scope use incredible, fourth generation technology; not only does it come with standard Total Darkness Technology, which allows you to see even in pitch dark places, like the trunk of a car; it's also waterproof, and floatable. This may very well be the greatest night vision scope ever created.

ATN NightStorm Floatable Scopes and Gen. 4 Technology

The superiority of any NV device can be estimated by its generation. The higher the generation, the better the device. Gen. 1 scopes are still extremely popular, not because they are the best scopes, but because they are the most affordable. If quality matters more than cost, however, you can not do any better than a Gen. 4 scope.

The ATN NightStorm Floatable Scope is a Gen. 4 device. This means you can not find a better scope. This is the generation that the military currently uses. In fact, they have a different phrase for it. NV enthusiasts and manufacturers refer to this technology as "Generation 4," but the U.S. military refers to it as a "Filmless and Gated image intensifier."

The image intensifier is the most important of the four components that make up any NV device. The other three components are the lens, power supply, and eye piece. With the NightStorm, all four components are of the best possible quality.

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