Infrared Red Goggles

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Infrared red goggles allow you to see in the dark. These night vision goggles open up a whole new world of possibilities to their owners. You can use infrared red goggles to protect your home and family from intruders. Or you can use these night vision glasses to enjoy the outdoors like never before.

Infrared Red Goggles and Hands Free Fun

The cool thing about infrared red goggles, as opposed to infrared monoculars or binoculars, is that they leave your hands totally free. Now, you can boat in the dark, hunt in the dark, and hike in the dark, with the full use of your hands. The woods really come alive at night. With these goggles, you'll be privy to the amazing world of wonder that is the forest at night.

The infrared technology is a brilliant addition to the typical NV goggle. Night vision goggles don't require a beam of infrared light to power them. They only require ambient light, like moonlight or starlight. However, when no ambient light is available, a flick of the switch will allow your goggles to put forth a beam of infrared light.

This light will allow your goggles to work. Now you're free to use your goggles, whether you are stuck somewhere in absolute darkness, or whether a cloud simply passes in front of the moon, blocking all its light. It's a simple solution that will allow you to see, anytime, anywhere.

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