Law Enforcement Goggles

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Law enforcement goggles give officers the upper hand over criminals. With law enforcement goggles, police officers are able to see in the dark, while the criminals they are after are left stumbling blindly. Night vision goggles and other night vision equipment, like rifle scopes, are the sort of technology that help save the lives of police officers every day.

The Four Generations of Law Enforcement Goggles

Law enforcement goggles, like all night vision goggles, come in four different "Generations." Each Generation is better than the preceding one, although each Generation is quite a bit more expensive than the preceding one, as well. The least expensive version is known as Generation One, or Gen. 1.

Gen. 1 goggles were developed in the 1960s, for military purposes. Since then, they have been improved upon, but their basic technology remains the same. Gen. 1 is still the most popular generation of NV technology in the world today, because of its affordability.

You can buy effective Gen. 1 goggles in the hundreds of dollars range. If you buy Gen. 4 goggles (the kind used by the U.S. military today) you should expect to pay thousands of dollars. The type of goggle you buy will depend on your needs. If you are hunting for deer, Gen. 1 may very well be enough. If you are buying police grade equipment for the snipers in your unit, you may need a Gen. 3 or even a Gen. 4.

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