Night Scout Binoculars

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Night Scout binoculars are superior, Generation 1 night vision binoculars. You can use your Night Scout binoculars for nighttime hunting, boating, fishing, or other leisure activities. You can even take photographs with your Night Scouts!

Taking Photos with Night Scout Binoculars

With the help of an affordable camera adapter, you can attach your Night Scout binoculars to your 35mm camera. Imagine taking cool photos of nocturnal animals! You'll have a record of a world most of us never get to see. You can even attach your Night Scouts to a video camera, for cool moving images!

The technology behind all night vision equipment is as simple as it is brilliant. The binoculars are broken down into four components: the lens, the tube--also known as the image intensifier tube--the power source, and they eye piece or eye pieces. Light enters the lens, is changed in the tube, and then viewed through the eye piece. The power source is simply a battery that makes all these processes possible.

The beating heart of any NV device is the image intensifier tube. This is where the magic happens. In the tube, photons are changed into electrons. These electrons are then multiplied in number. Eventually, they are projected against a phosphorus screen. The image on the screen can be viewed through the eye piece.

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