Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The PVS7 is a serious piece of night vision equipment. It doesn't get much better than these military night vision goggles. Not only were the PVS7s developed for military use, and used extensively in the first Gulf War--they are still in use in the military today. Along with being a favorite of the U.S. military, these excellent night vision goggles are also favored by the DEA, and police forces all over the nation.

The Superior PVS7

The PVS7 is clearly a superior NV tool. Its initials stand for Passive Viewing System Model 7. These goggles are also sometimes referred to as AN/PVSs, which stands for Army Navy Passive Viewing Systems. Their combination of superior image intensifier tubing with durable housing, suitable for military ops, makes these beauties as sturdy as they are effective. They're even waterproof.

Most PVSs are Generation 3 NV devices. The level of generation indicates the level of light gain, resolution, recognition range and detection range you can expect. It will also give you a clue to the price you can expect to pay. The higher the number, the more it's going to cost, and the better it's going to work.

Generation 1 is the "worst," yet it's the most popular around the globe. That's because Gen. 1 is suitable for most people's needs, and fits within most people's budgets. Gen. 3 items are much more expensive, but they are of the kind of quality suitable for use in the U.S. military today.

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