Reflex Sights

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The best reflex sights are the ones that give you options. For instance, some reflex sights allow you to change the reticle (either its shape or brightness) with just the touch of a button. Of course, you don't want your point of impact to shift just because you switched up your reticle. Good reflex sights offer a lot of variety, while still keeping you on target.

Digital Reflex Sights

Digital red dot sights are generally considered superior. Of course, they are bound to improve with time, as are all digital products. This is a digital age, and we can expect those who don't convert to soon fall behind. Digital is bound to improve. Can you say the same for non-digital products?

Reflex scopes are ideally suited for a number of purposes. They aid in law enforcement and military purposes, most importantly. Military personnel and law officers require the best and most accurate scopes available. If you choose a red dot scope commonly used by military or law officers, you can feel confident that you've chosen well.

Most lay people use these sights for hunting. Some use them for sport shooting and recreational marksmanship. If you buy your sight online, make sure you've priced it out well. There's an incredibly wide range of prices online. Also, make sure it comes with a guarantee.

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