Ultra Sight Digital

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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The coolest thing about the ATN Ultra Sight Digital reflex sight is that you can change the reticle with just the touch of a button. In fact, you have five different reticles at your disposal. With the Ultra Sight Digital, you can also change the reticle brightness digitally. The brightness is stored in the brightness level memory.

The Ultra Sight Digital is definitely a user-friendly red dot digital sight. Being digital is a plus in more ways than one. Not only does this sight come with awesome features like brightness memory, reticle pattern memory, and one-touch reticle adjustment, but it comes with no moveable parts. No moveable parts means greater reliability.

The Ultra Sight Digital and ATN

This red dot sight is made by ATN. ATN is the name in night vision devices and other tactical equipment for military personnel, law officers, marksmen, and hunters. ATN absolutely dominates the field, with their superior products.

ATN manufactures products. Many other companies distribute these products. The trick is to find a website that will sell ATN products, which are of excellent quality, at the lowest possible prices. Find the distributor with the best prices and the best warranties, and buy from them. You don't have to worry that their low prices mean the products are going to be junk, because you know that ATN doesn't make junk.

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