Viper Goggles

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Viper goggles are extremely popular among those who want superior night vision capabilities with the convenience of hands-free technology. With Viper goggles, you can see in the dark, and still have the use of both hands. Viper night vision goggles are very affordable, as well, making them a consistently popular choice among hunters, boaters, and other nature enthusiasts.

Viper Goggles and Photography

One little-known but fantastic application for your Viper goggles is use in nighttime photography. You can use an inexpensive camera adapter to attach your Vipers to nearly any 35mm still camera or video camera. Imagine taping nocturnal animals at play! You'll be privy to an entire natural world that most of us never get to see.

These goggles are great for nighttime boating, too. Boating is such a popular leisure activity that, before you know it, your lake or river is clogged with other boaters. Sunday afternoons can be the worst. Why not take your boat out for a spin at night, when you can have the calm waters all to yourself? A boat trip under the moon and stars is an incredible way to spend an evening. Vipers make it possible.

These goggles are great for hunting, too. You'll have both hands free to work your rifle. Vipers can open up a whole new world of hunting for you and your friends.

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