Bull Riding Chap

Written by Linda Alexander
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Western bull riding chaps are distinct from rider to rider. They often carry the logo of the rider's sponsors in addition to sometimes elaborate decoration. Bull riding chaps tend to be showy and attention-grabbing. They also offer protection against the weather and the bull's horns or hoofs.

Bull riding chaps differ from English riding chaps in both function and looks. English riding tends to have a firmer leg contact on the animal and therefore has smoother fabric. English riding also focuses on the kind of riding where the rider remains on the horse, while Western riding developed as a working style, where the rider might be on or off the horse and working in different weather conditions. Therefore, the western leather chap is made of heavier fabric. Some people prefer chaps also because they keep their jeans from riding up while in the saddle.

Bull Riding Chap Purposes

Leather chaps also help the rider to stick to the saddle better. If they need to get a better grip, English riders will instead use a product on the saddle. Like western jeans and other rodeo apparel, western chaps have no inseam, enabling the rider to stay on the horse or bull comfortably for longer periods of time.

Tack is also different for English riding than for Western. Because the riding is for different uses, so is the tack. Working cowboys need a sturdier saddle, heavier bridle, and one hand free. English riding is done with two hands so there is a difference in headgear and reins also.

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