Bull Riding Rope

Written by Linda Alexander
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The bull riding rope is what the bull rider holds onto while riding. It's a flat rope that goes around the bull behind his front legs. To ride, bull riders use a bull rope with rosin to improve grip, and also a bull riding glove on the hand that holds the rope.

The bull rope is usually made of braided nylon or grass. The part the cowboy hangs onto is made of braided leather. For a weight to ensure the rope falls off the bull as soon as the rider dismounts or is bucked off, riders put a cowbell on the bull riding rope.

Hanging onto a Bull Riding Rope

Riders wrap their bull rope around the bull and use the rest of the length to wrap around their hand tightly, in an attempt to stay on the bull as long as possible. Most bull riders run the rope through the pinky or index finger. With a Brazilian bull rope, however, the wrap is harder to get out of. It's known as a suicide wrap and increases the chances the rider will get hung up in his/her rope. This is part of what makes the sport so dangerous.

You can purchase a bull riding rope anywhere you buy rodeo equipment. There are also plenty of places on the internet that sell them. Or, check with the school where you take riding lessons. Schools often sell rodeo equipment in addition to giving lessons.

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