Horse Halter

Written by Linda Alexander
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Before buying a horse halter, consider the needs of you and your horse. How will you ride? Will you ride often? Has the horse been trained? Like human clothing, horse halters come in a variety of sizes and fabrics. Before buying a horse, have a halter ready so you can hold him, or arrange to buy one at delivery.

Horse Halter Types and Fabrics

Shipping halters are made of jute and are used to deliver horses to their owners. They are only meant for temporary use and cannot be adjusted. The fiber is not durable or strong. Rope halters are made of braided cotton. They are most popular due to their strength, ability to be adjusted, and low price. However, if they are not kept dry, they have a tendency to mildew. They are also difficult to keep clean. Since cotton tends to shrink, soak a new halter in water for a few hours and allow it to air dry.

A leather halter is an alternative for owners who want a strong, durable halter. They are usually adjustable and must be buckled and unbuckled when putting them on or removing them. Leather halters come in many different varieties and price ranges. Many have room for a personalized nameplate for your horse. Leather is also more formal, so is good to use when showing your horse.

Nylon horse halters have the advantages of rope, plus they are easy to clean, don't rot or mildew, and are available in many colors. Nylon doesn't shrink like cotton; however, it does tend to stretch and you must occasionally readjust these halters. They also come in nylon web; these look like leather halters and have a similar design. Nylon web halters are difficult to adjust.

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