Lady Leather Chap

Written by Linda Alexander
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Lady leather chaps have their origins in the days of the old west, but have been modernized. Today they are worn less for protection and more for show. Other styles still have practical uses, but leather shotgun chaps are mainly worn for show and are an essential component of cowboy clothing.

Show chaps for Western pleasure riding, as well as other riding gear, should fit you well, give you confidence and make you feel and look good. They should hang snugly off your waist and cover your pants belt when you are mounted. They should fit smoothly through the thigh and hip. They must also be long enough to cover your boot heel when you are on your horse.

Lady Leather Chap Features

If you are short on money, spend your money getting the best fit. Of course, buy the best quality you can afford, but don't waste money on trendy details if you can't afford them. A basic black pair of women's leather chaps with fringe is the most popular style. Yokes around the waist reinforce the chaps and minimize stretching. Cuffs add weight to the bottom of the chaps and help them fit around your foot in the stirrup.

The upper leg often stretches so should have a second layer of material sewn in it to minimize stretch. This should be on the inside of the chaps rather than outside. Also, insist on brass zippers for a long life. All of the buckles and other hardware should not only be attractive, but sturdy as well. Follow these guidelines and your leather chaps will last for years.

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