Leather Halter

Written by Linda Alexander
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The leather halter your horse wears is headgear that enables you to control him and lead him. Make sure when buying a leather halter, that it fits your horse properly and isn't too tight or too loose. The noseband should be two fingers below the horse's cheekbone. To measure a comfortable fit, you should also be able to insert two fingers between your horse's face and the noseband.

How to Put a Leather Halter on a Horse

Putting a halter on a horse is easy with a trained horse. First, stand on the left side of your horse. Keep the unbuckled halter in your left hand; with your right hand grasp the mane at the top of the neck and behind the ears. Next, slip the noseband of the halter over your horse's nose.

Then, you grasp the crown piece and pull it in place, by lifting it over the neck behind the ears. Finally, buckle the halter to complete the job. Before the process, you may need to pass the lead rope around the horse's neck in case he decides to run away while you are haltering him. Do not leave the halter on your horse unless you inspect him at least once a day.

Leather halters require a lot of care. They need to be cleaned often with saddle soap. Do not use too much oil, including leather oils, as this will make the halter stretch and lose its strength. When unused, store in a cool dry place. As with other leather items, the halter should not be allowed to remain damp or mildew.

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