Man Leather Chap

Written by Linda Alexander
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For a man, leather chap wearing is the ultimate cowboy experience. Finding a pair that fits you well can be a difficult task. They are heavy and must be tight fitting; they are somewhat constrictive. When trying on chaps, you should have a pair of tight jeans on so you can measure the way the chaps fit you.

Man leather chap sets should be tight but comfortable. Since they are protective equipment, as well as good looking, you should feel safe and protected in them. Generally, they are sold in sizes like small, medium, large, etc., but because they are somewhat adjustable they are sized differently from other pants. The top is a belt with a drawstring you can adjust for the length of your waist and the legs are cut to fit your length.

Care for Women's or Men's Leather Chap Sets

Your leather chaps sets need care to maintain their appearance. You can have them dry cleaned by a store that knows how to clean leather. Or, you can clean them like leather tack, with saddle soap. For suede chaps, brush them regularly with a suede brush and wash them in your washing machine on gentle cycle. When they are still a bit damp, stretch them out to their original shape and lay flat to dry.

Store your leather garments in a cloth cover rather than a plastic garment bag. They can't breathe in plastic. Hang them on a sturdy hanger and if they become badly soiled or damaged, definitely take them to a leather care specialist.

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